Muddiness and Thickness

  Magic, being an extradimensional form of formlessness, is similar to energy, but requires energy or matter to bond to in order to exist in this dimension. Magic bound to regular matter becomes matra, usually solid in form, dull or plastic colored, and very weak and rare. Most magic is bound to light, in the form of mana, which is more powerful than matra. Matra can be changed into massive amounts of mana with the same difficulty as changing matter into energy (see: super-collider). Manamatra crystal can be created by combining mana and matra, theoretically, although the creation of manamatra is generally associated with catastrophes on a global scale. Manamatra is the most powerful form of magic in this dimension.

  When the word magic is used, it generally means mana (magic bound to light) because mana is the most common form of magic. Mana has four properties called muddiness, thickness and state. Certain magicks tend to mix with other magicks outside laboratory conditions, and this impurity alters the color, this alteration being the sample's "muddiness". The effects of a certain magic on physical objects is determined by the magic's "thickness", which also affects appearance. Mana can appear as light, or concentrated into a gas or liquid, though it's very difficult to make mana appear at all without causing an effect, let alone concentrate it to a gas. The form it appears in (light, gas, liquid, or not at all) is its "state".

Mana is divided into types by its "muddy color", the color most often seen when that type of mana is used.
Light's Color Mana's Color Type of Magic Thickness Result
Red Brick Red Red Thin Rarely affects matter
Orange Brown Brown Varies Varied effect on matter
Yellow White White Thin Doesn't affect matter
Green Forest Green Green Thick May alter or manifest matter
Blue Sea Blue Blue Med -> Thick May alter or manifest fluids
Indigo Gray Gray Thick May alter or manifest matter
Violet Purple Black Thick May alter or manifest matter
White (Pure) Rainbow Pure Thickest May alter reality