The following types of magic are common, and are considered normal:

Water (blue) - Physical control of real water and creation of magical water
Wind (blue) - Physical control of real wind
Speech (brown) - Speaking and understanding other's languages, fostering communication
Self-to-Animal Transmorphosis (brown) - Taking on animal physical traits
Antitemp (red) - Keeping temperature and radiation from having effect
Antimagic (red) - Detecting, blocking and destroying magic effects and constructs
Data (white) - Receiving knowledge from magical and/or mythical sources
Telepathy (white) - Thought reading and sending and sending illusions
Carved-Wood-to-Construct Transmutation (green) - Changing a carved object to a construct of similar form
Plant (green) - Control of plants, transmorphing them, communicating with them, etc
Fire / Temp+ (gray) - Physical control of real fire and creation of magical fire and heat
Stone (gray) - Creation of magical stone and ability enhancing gems
Creature Constructs (black) - Creating constructs of slime, bone and flesh from nothing, animating and controlling them
Spirits and Auras (black) - Speaking to spirits and demons, controlling them and reanimating corpses, and curses

The following types of magic are uncommon, but not unheard of:

Electrical (blue) - Control and creation of electrical charges and discharges
Ice (blue) - Control and creation of frozen water, freezing real water, etc (varies)
Temperature Drop (gray or red) - Lowering heat, putting out fires, causing fires to not give off heat, etc
Metamagic (gray or red) - Magic that lengthens, strengthens, or otherwise alters other spells
Light (white) - Creation and control of magical light beyond spell side-effects (spells naturally give off light)
Telekinesis (white) - Exerting physical force from a distance, "rolling" not "flying"
Runes (any but red and blue) - Imbuing objects with magical effects using carved symbols
Gravity (black) - Increasing the inherent acceleration towards a given object or its weight, cannot levitate
Time (white or gray) - Using time spent away from the present to visit other time periods (cannot overlap or make up)
Chance (gray or black) - Enlisting magic to subtly affect things to encourage desired results (does not require plotting)
Body - ie magical healing without medicine (brown or green or black)
Speed (brown, blue, gray) - Accelerating or decelerating moving objects or one's self
Self-Transmorphosis - Other (brown or black)

The following things are considered impossible with magic:

Creating Complex Constructs (swords from thin air, creatures with actual organs, etc)
Antigravity (wind magic can lift even heavy constructs, but they would not be irrelevant to gravity)
Forcefields (physical)
Creating Life/Animals/Plants/Real Things (complex; constructs are illusions/puppets/fake/magic)

Note: In the case of this document, "magical" usually means "fake". For example, "magical water" is water that is made using magic that would a) be detected as magical by someone with magic sense b) be unable to pass through an antimagic barrier and c) would be dispelled into nothing by a powerful enough antimagic attack. This is as opposed to something controlled or enchanted by magic, for example, real water being controlled by magic would a) be detected b)c) fall out of control if contacting antimagic, however, the out-of-control water could then traverse the barrier (ie through gravity or inertia) and would not cease to exist.