The Characters!

The Explorers

Group A

B'khee Faarooq
Nicknames: Becky, Shorty, The Eye of the Sandstorm, Butch
Race: Desert Elven
Class: Priestess of the highest order
Gender: Female
Age at start of story: 17
Hair: Short, curly red
Eyes: Red
Height: 4'10"
Build: Both tough and soft
Orientation: Lesbian
Bio: B'khee is sweet and scared, with deep inner strength. She tries to show off her looks. She is very uneasy around magic, and does not understand most of the other cultures. She's used to being served.
Skills: Considered the strongest antimagic user living, her ability to destroy, interrupt and block spells growing daily.

Diane Clio
Nicknames: Snow, Chubby, Smarty, Busty, Mom
Race: Snow Elven
Class: Priestess of Dianathena (of a minor temple)
Gender: Female
Age at start of story: 20
Hair: Long white
Eyes: Light blue
Height: 5'9"
Build: Curvaceous
Orientation: Straight (but snow elven)
Bio: Diane is a compassionate, generous woman with an odd sense of humor. She packed many changes of clothes. Faires can only be seen by the insane, so she's either insane or hallucinating. Except hallucinations usually mean you are insane anyhow.
Skills: Her "knowledge magic" gives her an edge in any exchanged, though its been weakened since arriving in the new land.

Michael Capitan Jr.
Nicknames: Mike, the Hero of 7 Lands, Angst-Boi, Mikey, Cutey
Race: Sea Elven half / Veldt Elven half
Class: Sea Elven ruling caste, Veldt Elven Gazelle clan
Gender: Male
Age at start of story: 16
Hair: Thick, short blonde (spiky!)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Build: Strong, thin and lean
Orientation: Straight
Bio: Mike is the angsty hero type, though easygoing. He's the only halfbreed elven in thousands of years. He's made quite a name for himself in his travels, having performed heroic feats on all 8 continents (if you count the lost continent, where the story takes place, where he heroically... uh...).
Skills: Swordsmanship, powerful wind magic, stopping storms

Oberon Aleric
Nicknames: Kid Precocious, Curse, Perv, The Gay, Death Comes On Black Wings
Race: Cave Elven
Class: Lord Dragon Caller
Gender: Male
Age at start of story: 16
Hair: Short, messy black
Eyes: Black (iris matches pupil, white is still white)
Height: 4'8"
Build: Thin, somewhat weak
Orientation: Gay (currently)
Bio: Oberon is observant, yet decisive. He wears clothes that hide his pale skin from the sun: his people live underground. He is not particularly creepy or slutty normally, but these aren't normal circumstances, and besides, Tad is sexy.
Skills: He can create unreal creatures out of magic, even large dragons, but if he loses his concentration, they fade away. The strain can be high. He varies his dragons more than most Dragon Callers.

Tad Thurston
Nicknames: Pa, Tadpole, Thaddeus, Fireball, The Gray Golem
Race: Lava Elven
Class: Fire Elven Teacher
Gender: Male
Age at start of story: 22
Hair: Short Gray
Eyes: Dark Gray
Height: 6'
Build: Large and lean, muscular
Orientation: Bisexual
Bio: Tad is strong, flirtatious, smart and slow to anger. He prefers wearing black. He is known for his work in the Fire Elven slums, and fosters a lingering grudge against all Stone Elven for something in his past. He has several sisters. (NB: Stone and Fire Elven are classes in Lava Elven society)
Skills: He wields fiery magic, useful in battle and for roasting marshmellows, but he has to avoid being burned himself, as he's not fireproof. He's also fairly strong physically, but not necessarily moreso than B'khee.