Thursday , September 11 , 2003

The black elven woman took out a small tube, slid a dart inside, and blew hard. The dart flew out.
The first horse was hit in the flank, and stumbled, drugged or poisoned by the dart. The horse dragging Diane had stopped none-to-soon, and she ducked behind it just as it too was hit by a dart.
Feeling helpless, Diane ran, wondering how she could save her companions.
Oberon, B'khee, Tad and Mike had been pummeled to the ground in the nets. The female sniper started to climb down from the tree. As she did, she told the others to stop their attack.
"Just pour the poison in their mouths!" she said ominously. "Hurry!" She knew the beaten elven explorers were in no condition to resist anymore.

The Elven is a fantasy fiction webcomic set in the fantasy world called Theelven (Thayl-vehn). The plot takes place on the lost continent of Valdeterra (aka Thevalde, /Theh-vahl-day/). 7 races of elven explorers, two from each race, are split into three groups, searching Valdeterra for good places to colonize. While they are exploring, they face the dangers of the unknown, potential saboteurs, the elements, and their fears.

Each is under the influence of a translation spell which allows them to understand the languages of their fellow explorers. Each is also responsible to their separate home nations, and must not build any structures and above all must not get emotionally or romantically involved with each other.