Wednesday , February 22 , 2012

So, what do you think, another chapter? Or end forever on a cliffhanger?

While debating that, here is an awesome picture of Bkhee. It's by Astrid Lydia Johannsen, because I was curious how she would draw one of my characters in her present comic drawing style, and she was having an awesome sale on drawing characters in her present comic drawing style.

Look around for her stuff in these fine places:

The Elven is a fantasy fiction webcomic set in the fantasy world called Theelven (Thayl-vehn). The plot takes place on the lost continent of Valdeterra (aka Thevalde, /Theh-vahl-day/). 7 races of elven explorers, two from each race, are split into three groups, searching Valdeterra for good places to colonize. While they are exploring, they face the dangers of the unknown, potential saboteurs, the elements, and their fears.

Each is under the influence of a translation spell which allows them to understand the languages of their fellow explorers. Each is also responsible to their separate home nations, and must not build any structures and above all must not get emotionally or romantically involved with each other.