Thursday , December 7 , 2017

Chapter 14 is coming!

The script has been written by me, and edited by MW.

In addition, he's already started drawing!

Patrons of this comic can see the new cover for only $1! Less if you are sneaky!

Just go to

There's also a patron-only post explaining the image, with a contest where you can win Real Money.

If you are fast enough, you can actually win your patron donation back and get patron access for Free.

Of course, the patreon is pretty devoid of other content at the moment... so make sure to ask for something you'd like to be added.

The Elven is a fantasy fiction webcomic set in the fantasy world called Theelven (Thayl-vehn). The plot takes place on the lost continent of Valdeterra (aka Thevalde, /Theh-vahl-day/). 7 races of elven explorers, two from each race, are split into three groups, searching Valdeterra for good places to colonize. While they are exploring, they face the dangers of the unknown, potential saboteurs, the elements, and their fears.

Each is under the influence of a translation spell which allows them to understand the languages of their fellow explorers. Each is also responsible to their separate home nations, and must not build any structures and above all must not get emotionally or romantically involved with each other.