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The Delegates Speak!

Almost everyone in the Elven world knows about the brave explorer delegates that will eventually decide the fate of the new land. But many don't know Much about them or their mission. Here is your chance to ask! Simply send us at Cabinton Press your questions. If you are lucky, one of the delegates will receive your question, answer it, and the answer will be printed in an upcoming issue of Cabinton Press! If you don't know what an "issue" is, don't worry, a copy of the answer will be given to you, in a language you can read, free of charge. This offer is currently open to Elven only, other sentient creatures need not apply.

When contacted via telepathy Diane was bathing in a stream. She offered the following 'thoughts':

"Is Diane Straight or Lesbian? She Slept With A Female Delegate."

Diane was bathing in a stream

Where did you hear that I slept with B'khee? I assume you mean her because I obviously didn't sleep with anyone on the ship. Or is this because I said Tempest was cool? (she giggled here, she seems to giggle when she's nervous). Anyhow to set the story straight, I am straight, but I'm also Snow Elven and a little bit of a practical joker. So I might say, sleep with someone who was passed out just to see the look on their face when they woke up with me in the morning. But I'm not going to mate with anyone either way, it's against the council ruling, and I need to be the adult with all these young delegates. And yes I am straight.

Cabinton Press reader Mike Artist, a Sea Elven artist, asks the following question:

"Why is Diane the coolest?"

Diane was bathing in a stream

"Coolest"? Is this guy Sea Elven? (she giggled here) If the Council chooses the name "Snow Elven" as the translation for my people, I would hope a "Snow Elven" would be the "coolest". But seriously, sweety, thank you for the compliment. I assume Cabinton hasn't been reporting on the other groups yet, because I personally think Tempest is the coolest. She has yellow and pink hair. I hope I'm a good representative for my nation, I try to be nice and generous. I also try to be an adult since Tad and I are the oldest in my group. My sense of humor is going to get me in trouble, I think, but maybe you like that too. I guess my question would be, why do You think I'm the coolest?

A reader giving her name as "Toadstool" asked the following:

What are the possibilities being considered for the "fate" of the new land? In other words, is it a question of colonizing the land or not, or is it more open-ended than that?

Diane was bathing in a stream

Ooh! A smart person question. Okay... pretty much this is what is happening. While we are exploring each of us is also picking out a prime piece of land for a colony. In the end, there will probably be 14 colonies started total, 2 for each nation, 1 for each explorer like me. We are pretty sure nobody else lives here. Nobody is allowed to start colonizing until we are done exploring, either. Once we have those 14 colonies, the rest of the land will be available to other explorers as a frontier. There will also be one big town in the center of the new land, for everyone to come together, but it won't really be a colony, just a town. Oh, I guess I already answered your question a while ago. Um... any more questions?

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